Few years back I was staying in a hostel with my friends. For higher studies I had to move to another state and that's when I met those sweet people who turned my life upside down.. Both in good and bad... I mean worse ways.. Each room had two girls and a single attached bathroom. I still remember that day... Which was meant to be normal but my friends decided to have some fun. All the four of us entered the bathroom (as we were not allowed to enter each others room) Now we started making plans about what to do. It was evening time and the weather was filthy.. The sky was all hidden behind black ☁ "Let's make a short film on haunted mirror " suggested one of my bright friend. I don't find it difficult to admit that I'm a timid person. My first reaction was no. Straight NO. But all of them were interested in doing this and I had to give up. The film was like the lights are out and one of my friends washes her face and when she looks in the mirror she finds a spirit looking at her. I was given the role to adjust flashlight on their faces and another friend of mine was recording all this shit. One of the girl opened her hair in a messy way and covered her face with her hair. She was looking a real ghost. I adjusted the flashlight and the shooting began... It continued for like some 30minutes and then the dinner bell rang. We came out of the bathroom and not to mention every single friends of mine were smiling and feeling proud of their act of bravery.. We were about to leave when I felt the urge to pee. The real story begins now.. I entered the bathroom and silently did my business. The lights were on. I got up to wash my Hands and for some reason I dare not to look at the mirror. I hurriedly washed my hands and out of blue.. The ? blasted. I yelled at the tip of my lungs because it was all of a sudden.. And then I saw her.. I saw her eyes which were all white... She was standing right beside me.. There were small pieces of glass embedded in my skin. Blood was dripping down. I had no phone with me and my friends on the other hand were shouting at me to open the door. I closed my eyes and started searching for the door knob.. "This is my imagination.. " I whisperer. But then I heard a light giggle. That's when I realized that I need to get out of bathroom as soon as possible. Thanks to my friends who somehow called the warden and the door was opener. As I had a glimpse of their worried faces.. I fainted. I always knew something was wrong ,with our room.. Those late night whispers.. And the fan getting started on its own.. But no one believed me. I told them about that incident but everyone said that I was freaked out and it was merely my imagination. But no it was not. I saw her ,For real and since that incident the ? never got fixed in the bathroom. Every time they bought new... It would just blast.. Is this Normal? A coincidence? That day drill haunts me.. I still have nightmares and I wake up Amos every night..Her giggle... It meant something.. I am not sure if it would ever forget it..

Story is told by Daughter