I woke up... with a distant feeling of dread. As if something really horrible happened or was about to happen. I tried to jolt myself into reality, forced my eyes open, shook my head and tried to pull myself out of the lethargy I was swimming around in mentally. Ugh... where am I? I felt extremely groggy and lightheaded. For a second I could have almost believed that I had been drugged, causing me to be this slow. As I sat up, I accidentally kicked the oil lamp by my side. Oh no! I put out the fire but there was glass everywhere, shattered and ready to slice me into a thousand mini MEs. I tried to avoid it but I did indeed cut my finger. There was a sharp pain and a lot of blood but it was the catalyst I needed. To my horror and dismay, I suddenly remembered exactly where I was and what I was supposed to be doing. I was at the Old Hound Manor down the road from my lab. Believe it or not, I am a scientist meticulously working on my theory of loopholes and warps that exist all around us. I had finally found one. Coincidentally it was so near to my house, as if carefully planned to tease me into the playground. It was a shabby and deserted place, and was considered to be inhabited by the tortured souls of all the victims of a sex trafficking racket that were inside the manor, when it burned down to the ground. I believe THEY carefully place these loopholes and bugs of the PROGRAM in places where no one would dare to look. And there was a lever inside the heart of each of these guileless looking places that no one would even bat an eyelid at. I liked to call it the CoreWand. As soon as someone pulled down these levers, one by one, they would reveal the true nature of our existence, who THEY are and how much we actually know about everything. Ah, but there is a catch, as always there is... the lever can only be pulled down once every 23 years and me and my entire family have always been carrying out our duties as guardians of the truth. I was the last of them, therefore I had to make it work, there can be no ifs or buts.  But the catch actually is the fact that if you don’t pull the CoreWand down before the deadline, that is, before the clock strikes 10 at night on the 25th of March every 23 years, then the secrets would never be revealed and the person closest to the lever would be stuck in a time warp forever. I was jolted back into reality when I heard sudden gears turning inside the manor. Was somebody else here? Probably one of those drug junkies or something, there was no need for me to scare myself over nothing. As I looked down at my watch, I realised it was almost 9:42 p.m. oh no! Only if I weren’t this groggy I could actually rush and do something about the situation. I somehow managed to pull myself up and walked as fast as I could because if I were late then I would die never knowing the withheld secrets of the world and being the closest, I would be stuck in an infinite time warp. I must hurry!! Suddenly I heard a deafening crash, as if a floor of the building gave way or something. Huh?? Did I hear that right? Followed by the crash, I heard a shrill and piercing scream... as if someone had fallen through the floor. I immediately rushed inside and to my surprise...

Story is told by Sugoi_san


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The story was so intriguing?can't wait for part two☠?


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