What do you think about life? Is it unfair? Sadly yes. But what's the purpose of life? Is there a simple explanation? To me it's simple. What the purpose of life is to me is to be hurt in a million different ways. What do you think? Life is like a game of questions. Pick wrong you'll be in big trouble. But everyone has to pick wrong to pick right. What do you think? Either way life is to short to waste live your life things will get better. One more thing before you go. Since you use this app you know about the monsters that live with us. Real or not real? You decide. I believe in things that we can't explain. Because I had experience with them ghost's throw glass plates across rooms. Some ask me to come into a room. I still experience these things. But I just close my eyes and try not to listen. Sometimes I feel like I have to go outside in the middle of the night. All my experiences are the truth. Will you tell me yours? Shout out time UwU. Shout outs to KILLERKD, Inti, DeadRebel, and all my followers. Thank you for reading comment suggestions for the next story and all questions you have I will answer. I already know that some of you might ask about how my brother died part 3. I'm working on it.

Story is told by Fidelleah


That's creepy......


I already know lol you told me