Pesmerga stirred from his deep slumber. He opened his eyes to find himself alone laying on his back in the middle of a brightly lit corridor. He was still wearing the enchanted clothes that he had worn a few moments ago. He couldn't see the source of light as there was no ceiling, only a clear night sky that showed stars of different brightness and hues. He noticed how different their pattern was compared to the ones back on earth. He was fairly sure that he had just died and he was trying to familiarize with his new surroundings. He felt the floor and the walls with his palms and thought it was made with marble or something similar but decided against it when the color slowly changed from crimson to the color of the sea, to colors he was sure he hadn't seen before, then back to crimson and so on. It was like a wave was moving through the rock. Is it even rock? He looked towards one end of the corridor and saw that the path ahead had turned into a stairway that gently descends into an abys. He turned towards the opposite direction and saw that the path after a few meters had also turned to a stairway but instead ascends to an endless horizon towards the sky. He slowly stood, touching where he remembered the dagger had pierced his heart. A thin smile formed on his lips, fueled by the thought that every step he took brought him closer to him. To Yuber. He walked towards the stairway and started his climb. Authors' Note: Part 1 was named "Corona Diaries". My mistake! Hope you enjoy this series guys. Stay tuned for future chapters.

Story is told by Vince_Đ'Treat

Queen Quacker

Oooo, the intrigue..