I booked a hotel room on Saturday to cool myself off, since my friends were also coming and there were only two beds we had to put them together for some space. Once we all gathered up we went to a nearby amusement park for amusement regarding its name as an amusement park, we parked the car, and went ahead a path which would make us entertained, I got some cotton candy and a pack of popcorn for my buds and gals. Once that happened we went to the hotel and hopped on into a cruise that was fairly built with good quality like a big diamond floating in the seven seas. After that drama, we got some more entertainment in the carnival rides like the ferris wheel, roller coasters and maybe one nearby SKYDIVE! We went back to our hotel room, completely shut the door, put or cushions and BOOM! We sat on a specific bed but I felt a lil lump, and a gross smell, I yanked the sheet of to reveal? A naked mummified brutally contorted body.

Story is told by Hellbound


That's creepy.