-Who am I? A very simple and difficult question. I don't know... Let me explain. I usually dream about myself closing my eyes and a minute later seeing a dead body. I hate noises and being with other people. The words S.U., kill, phsycho, blood, dead, torture and a lot of other words about that don't make any effort on me. I almost don't have emotions. I like seeind dead people and I solve the cases very quikly. I always fight with my mind and my body. I always have anxiety and a lot of panic attacs. I think that most of other people are stalkers. I feel about to loose control every day. The first time I lost control I was 9. I was at a summer camp and another girl that had 15 years old was already bullying me for a week. One day I got sick of that. We were going to the beach. She told me something and I closed my eyes. I felt very powerful. I don't remember well about that moment. The thing I remember is the touch of my hands on her skin. She fell two metres away and her body crashed on the wall. She broke her left leg. I was feeling tired and powerful at the same time. From that day on no one exept my roomate got near me again. I was finally feeling well without anyone to disturb me. Bye!...

Story is told by Nocturne shadow

Queen Quacker

Nice story, I like it.