The Loop of Murder: The loop of murder, is once the murderer gets his or her hands on a heavy or light melee or range assault weapon they kill their victims, I am gonna name the victim Mike Abrahm and the murderer Ace Opera. This example of a name is not always applied but first some rules to be a murderer 1:You must be trained cause some victims can dispatch you. 2:Hide your identity and wear gloves to prevent DNA from your fingerprint to appear. 3:Make sure your victim is alone or only in a small group of two to three. 4:Always make sure you have your weapon. 5:Remember to cock your gun and reload if your murder method is range. If you are the victim follow these steps. 1:Be in a crowded area 2:Check any suspicious person. 3:Be aware of your surroundings. 4:Quickly dispatch the weapon if assault happens. Succesful Route: The murderer kills the victims while getting away Neutral Route: The murderer kills the victim but gets traced by DNA. Unsuccesful Route:The murderer kills the victim but gets caught.

Story is told by Hellbound


But anyway the victim dies if they're not careful.