Bridge Worm Siren Head Light Head Cartoon Cat Cartoon Dog Day Seventeen Breaking News Laughing Lady Spaggheti Illuminati Starliner Cinema Faceless Humanoid The Sitting Ghost Forgotten Baby Class Bonesworth God of Roadkill Big Charlie Lil Nugget Lamb Texture Shattered Fog Walkers The Smile Room Country Road Creature I See You Boo Man Rowdy Tree Monstrosity Swimming Head Goblin Shark Long Horse Costume Man Hey Stop A Minute Subway Crawler These are all the Trevor Henderson creatures I know. +Bonus Story The Black Blob I was walking in my house hallway like a couple wing to wing strolls when I saw a black blob go down the stairs which seemed to get absorbed trough the staircase line. Like a usual teen I would go investigate this phenomenon or maybe just an upright creature ready to gobble me up but it actually was, and is pretty small, and seemed harmless, at first glance. Then it made a first impression attack phase making it big and trying to litterally consume me, at least I had a good speed game and quickly outran it but then it turned to attack tactic two. Welp, all I see is black and not a stereotypical type of black, I feel wiggly.

Story is told by Hellbound