When I was little I had this Weird Feeling everytime we're at home. I would always feel someone tapping my Shoulders or tap my Arms. I would try to turn around and See who's doing it but always find no one but, as a kid, I didn't care. As I grew up I realized it never left, since at some times I feel someone Tapping my knees and Arms while in class, or while Im with my friends, they'd say I was weird for Looking like I tic a lot. One day while I was at the bus stop, on my phone, a light breeze passed by, it got a little cold so I put my phone in my pocket and Crossed my arms. A few minutes passed by when I felt a Sudden but, heavily forced tap on my Back. I looked behind me but all I saw was the glass. I looked back in front of me and saw the bus pull up, as I went up to hop on something gave me a Tug. The bus was about to leave so I didn't Look back. When I got home I packed my things, getting ready to go to my mom's for a visit, It was getting dark so I hurried to the station. After I got there I saw my mom cooking dinner, She was humming a Song I haven't heard of yet. "Hey mom" I Let myself in the house. "Hey Ollie! How have you been?" She welcomed me fromt he kitchen. "Doing great" I replied walking around never noticing the furniture she had before. Then this painting caught my attention, it was a Painting of a child. It was weird for someone to hang up a Painting of a child, I didn't even know who the child was. So I asked my mom. "Mom, Who's this?" I said Looking at the painting. "Oh..Thats your Sister.." she Replied as if her energy were drained. "Sister? I had a Sister?" I asked, confusion surrounding my thoughts. "She died when she was 7. Three years before you were born. She died from an Accident." I paused before Asking if she's seen her. My mom Looked at me stopping for a while. "Why do you ask?" She looked at me with a worried expression. ...The Bus Driver Saw Her Behind Me. Sorry for the lameness of my stories I teied but lost my ideas and cause Im sleep deprived for 2 months ;-; I'll be taking Title requests though `^`

Story is told by Kags Tobio


Me loves dis bleep xD




I like the story it is great (breakfast in bed) that is another title for you if you don't like it tell me and I'll think of a title