"Son, I have to tell you something my father said, mother looked at him with a worried face. "He's having a great time, it's his birthday for God's sake". "No!" My father said, "He's 18!, he can handle the truth. I was confused. Father led me to his room where he told me to sit down, "I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now..." "Tell me what?" "Well, we're cannibals." I had a look of shock on my face. My parents?! Cannibal?! Does that mean they eat humans?! "We have a tradition" He said "Your sister will be doing the same thing soon" He led me out of the room and into the basement, where I found a lifeless body. "WHAT THE HECK" I shouted "SHHH" father said "shut up!" "Now you will have to eat the body" my father said. I gulped, he was really gonna make me eat a body?! We could get arrested! Suddenly I felt this surge in my body telling me to eat the body, I soon became obsessed with humans since that day.... I will definitely pass this tradition to my future kids.

Story is told by DeadKid25