"Come on Yuri, wake up or the Americans will get you!" Barbarovich silently sung with a happiness he only found by torturing me. Americans haven't existed for some time now though,mainly being that the War destroyed most of the human world including America, and even if they did I'm sure killing a few Soviets would be the last thing on their mind. Now you have to watch for monsters falling from the sky because of the rift torn into it by the nuclear blasts."Yuri what are you doing? We need to get to the tower before nightfall!" He said to me as I was still trying to collect my things. He enjoyed watching me hurry and in the process mess up my order of things. "Why are you like this Barbarovich?" I asked as I tossed my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my rifle but he ignored me as usual. I wanted to push him off the cliff we were camped by but I held my breath and we started off towards the tower,a prewar skyscraper modified to combat the horrors of the Rift,we were only one or two kilometers from it,easy enough to travel by daylight. We stepped into the city a few hours later,just one hour more and we'd be home and Barbarovich would be out of my hair. As we walked i heard rocks fall behind us and as I swung around Barbarovich heard more noises. We readied ourselves for a fight but out from behind a rock came a young man,Barely 18, with his hands raised repeating "Dont shoot! I'm unarmed!" As he slowly walked towards us. "Don't step any closer!" I commanded but he dropped his hands and barreled towards me in an all out sprint. Barbarovich had turned to listen to what was happening a while ago and we both opened fire only to have every single round dodged. He jumped towards us and in a split second Barbarovich was spilt in two. I was frozen in fear and surprise. The young man then approached me and only said "A comrade is a comrade remember this next time your complain about someone." and he disappeared into the rubble. Then I realized,he was right because now im out here alone with the tower an hour away...

Story is told by DOOM


W e l p s the tower part shall be made


Good story i think he makes to the tower

Queen Quacker

:> Btw great story.

Queen Quacker

I think that he makes it to the tower but goes insane from being alone. He starts having hallucinations and nightmares, and after a while commits 'not-alive'.

The OG Collabs



Does he made it to the tower or does he die there? I leave this to my dear readers. I will continue on the story if he makes it to the tower.