When you go on tik Tok you get addicted, but nobody really knows why. The true reason is whenever you post you always get lured in and again and again every time you post, because it curses you to be lured in it's like a trap. you would post in post and then finally you would do one certain challenge and it would take you through the phone and you'd get stuck, and you'd have to do a bunch of these challenges they get out but the thing is you had a post so then you got more addicted and more addicted. Finally when you got out you had to delete the app because it would forever haunt you and if you didn't after you completed the challenges, you would die because the renegade would come and punch you in the face. This was actually kinda funny but wait till another story.

Story is told by SuperJ_56


Thanks I love your stories there good if you need chills down your back.


Nice story and yes it is a little funny but it is still a good story