I lived in California for a couple years until this creature tried to stalk me, I didn't really get to see close features but all I knew is that his head and maybe face was upside down. It would mimic the voice of my close relatives and I do need to explain when I saw this entity, one dark night, I stayed up late. Got my phone out of my desk drawer and began to watch some videos when I looked out the window to see a man looking up at me. As a teen I didn't know what to do, if I call the cops the would probably not believe me, second trying to get rid of it on my own would be noticeably hard so I began looking like I never saw a thing. Then it became nearer each time, each night to be specific, it began to show me brutal features about himself but the most contorted feature was its head placement, it was obviously upside down and always had a wide grin. Why was it stalking me? Well I don't clearly know to this day but I think I got rid of it, I cut its head off and burned it in a nearby factory machine and threw all evidence of its presence. The last day I was in California, it was raining heavily, wait! Whats that outside my window?

Story is told by Hellbound


And now i might not get to sleep cause that was scary and good story

Queen Quacker

Chills. Love this.