Masky:Flame cant stay here X virus: why not we bonded a lot i mean he did what i could never do was kidnap Psycho Masky:yeah i know but Flame and Psycho are family so it is obvious why Flame was able to kidnap Psycho and now we are standing here watching a dumb wolf X virus: not too loud he can hear us and i dont want to talk to smiley again about not insulting Psycho Masky: i dont give a fu... Me(wolf form):*barks at masky* Masky: come on you want a fight you got it come lunge at me X virus: ima go get slender man and Toby X virus runs off... Two hours later Slenderman: oh that looks like that hurt now what have we learned (chuckles) Hoodie:well masky you got knock out in i would say three seconds after X Virus left right (chuckles) Toby: Jac...Jacob here I walks over to toby Me (now in human form): well dont talk smack cause this will happen, my brother might go a little softer. i dont know but dont go picking fights Masky: *cough* thanks for the warning X virus: you know we are going to talk about this and fun of you for it too We all walk back home laughing Haha that was a good day very funny too Jeff walks in: Psycho Assassin we need you in the hall. (Tape ends)

Story is told by lonewolf


Another caution tape oh by the way psycho assassin in wolf form is called psycho wolf