I'm not a good story teller and never thought I would be sharing my experience with anyone other than my family.. It's my first time writing here hope you will like it. Thank you in advance. I am Emma, I stayed at hostel for the last 7 years of my school. It was the time when I was in 8th standard. We girls didn't have separate rooms for dorms, it was a small long house and it was too congested. Our seniors used to tell us that before building the hostels there was a grave yard on that place(which is like every other stories of any hostelers). But there teachers had also experienced something unexplainable. There was a large circle made out of bricks inside which we used to plant flowers. Our seniors told that our nurse ma'am had seen a naked female inside that circle late at night while checking on some sick students. Our house mistress always used to check on us before sleeping and made sure we were inside the mosquito net. It says ghosts or any spirits need to count each and every small holes of the net before entering which is not possible before it's morning. So even if we are feeling hot during the hot summer we had to sleep inside mosquito net. One night after the house mistress checked on us I woke up feeling all sweaty and removed the net a bit to get my right hand and my head out of the net. After a while I put my head back inside keeping my right hand out. In the late at night don't know what was the time, I felt something sharp poking on my hand. I thought it was the nail of the leg of my senior sleeping beside me. But after a long the pain started to increase and I got scared to death that I hurried to get back my hand inside. I was too afraid that I covered myself inside a blanket. Next day I got a scar on that exact part of the hand. I told everyone about it even my mom. I still don't know what exactly had happened that night.

Story is told by Potato


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Very creepy but good grammar and keep it up! :D Even though your not a good story teller practice so you can get good! Practice makes Perfect! ~Ava loves stories


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