I was outside, it was raining so I had to get an umbrella with me. I brought my pet dog with me too, I was walking in any random direction. I saw a figure, a man, but he was off, I kept on walking like I saw nothing. And in the corner of my eye he vanished, out of sight at least. I went on and I still had my dogs leash in hand and my dog standing right in front of me, I saw the shadow of the same figure, again, a man. I thought it was a different civilian since there were a lot of people in my place, I thought he was not a type of people person, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned around and it finally revealed its true form, a man but alot of body parts contorted, internal organs hanging, a big patch of its face ripped off. I got horrified, my dog jumped right in front of me, then I blacked out, I woke up in the hospital, my dog wasn't there. When I got back home I saw my dog in the middle of the floor bleeding to death with all its internal organs you could think of falling out from its stomach, I found a paper in its stomach and it said "Broken" on it. I never saw this entity ever again.

Story is told by Hellbound


Interesting story. Not bad at all

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