I was 7 at the time this happened. We had moved to another town and it took us a few days to put everything in place at our new home. It was kinda old but still had its beauty. One night, I and my siblings were playing and watching TV at the same time when my mum walked in with a list and asked if we wanted us to follow her to the mall. All my siblings agreed instantly but I declined. I wasn't the outdoor type and I definitely wasn't going to start now. When they left, I felt the sense of eeriness so I went to watch TV to get my mind of that feeling. A couple of minutes later, I saw something move into the bathroom at the corner of my eyes. I turned to the bathroom ( the guest bathroom door was at the side of the living room) to see if my siblings were back and were trying to trick me, but no one was there. I became nervous and turned up the tv volume and within minutes, I had forgotten about it. My mum came back with my siblings and after a great dinner, we all went to bed. I didn't share a room so I got the one on the last floor ,that's the living room floor. Around 2 am, I woke up to the sound of someone walking past my door to the bathroom side. At first I thought it was one of my sister's, because one of my sis was also on the same floor with me, but when I listened closely, I realised that those footsteps sounded like those of a small girl. None of my siblings had small feet because they were all older than me with at least 3 years so it didn't match. I jumped out of bed and sprinted to the door and placed my ear gently on it to listen. I heard the bathroom slam shut so I opened my door and walked to the bathroom door. I hesitated at first but I thought, what if it my big sis lily who was having a rough night. As I opened the door slowly, I could feel my legs go numd and cold sweat ran down the sides ofy face. Standing by the sink was a little girl who was holding a brown teddy and she wore a black and white gown. I asked who she was but she didn't answer. She just kept staring at the sink. I was about to ask again when she immediately cocked her head to me and I was teriffied in and out. Her face was so scary and her lips looked so bruised. Her left eye was gone, only a black hole layed in its place. I started at her with utter fear all over me. All she did was look at me with that face. Then suddenly the lights went out and when they came back, she was gone. I felt death surround me cause I felt like I would die of fright that the girl was now roaming the house. I looked in the mirror to see that I had gone so pale that I looked like snow. I quickly ran to my mums room and woke her up and told her about the little girl and as I mentioned the girl, my mum went pale and looked me in the eyes. She stood up and locked her door and told me that a few days earlier, she had heard someone in the bathroom to but brushed it off as one of us going for a late night emergency. She called the landlord when she began noticing some strange things in the house and he told her that the people who were living in this house before us, always maltreated their daughter. So one day she got fed up and decided to kill them that night. She stabbed her dad 21times, her mum was suffocated to death, and her brother was beaten to death with a hammer. After all, she felt soo guilty and hung her self in the guest bathroom. He then told my mum that we shouldn't provoke her in any way and that we should never look her in the face. When she told me that last sentence, I almost fainted. I told my mum I had looked her in the face and my mum went even paler. That night I slept with my mum and the next day, we moved out of that house. I'm 18 now and I still sometimes go back to that house and wonder, what if we still lived in there, would I have lived to see another day?.

Story is told by spooked