I was raised by my mom my dad died in a plan crash 10 years ago. We live on a farm we bought a few days ago. It's a old but sturdy place that needs a fresh coat of paint here and there. But it's 2 floors, 10 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, a kitchen, a barn, and 5 acres of land. We also bought 3 horses, 2 sheep, and 12 chickens. My mom told me to pick a room so I did. The room I picked was the second largest with a window that faced the barn on the second floor. I setup my room and hoped on the window seat to read. It was late afternoon when I saw some horseback rider's. That's normal in the country right? I stopped reading and decided to finish a 2000 piece puzzle and went to bed. I woke up because of some strange noises from downstairs. I slowly walked down the dark hallway to the stairs. I was wondering who was down there at this hour "Mom!" I called and the noise stopped. Suddenly I heard something making a run for the basement. When I got to the basement door I locked it tightly. "It's just a raccoon. A harmless raccoon." I told myself trying to slow my racing heart. I went back to bed but never back to sleep. In the morning I went downstairs to have breakfast and went to ride a horse. I picked the white horse we called Angel. She was the sweetest of the 3 horses we bought. She was surprisingly easy to ride. After feeding, and watering the animals I decided to take the other 2 horses for a ride I mounted the big gray horse we call smoke an attached an extension to the brown horse. Later that day I decided to tell mom about the raccoon she told me that it was fine and the raccoon would find it's way out. I was in the livingroom a week later it was early morning mom came in the room and asked me if I was in the basement last night I said "Mom I wasn't In the basement" To be continued Shout out to KILLERKD and Inti for ther support. Comment suggestions for the next story and remember to like.

Story is told by Fidelleah


Interesting. I wonder what will happen next.


Nice story