I didn't believe in the paranormal and never payed much attention to it. But now I wish I had. We recently moved into a new house. My mom didn't like the move but dad had a promotion at work. So we had to move. My older brother was being a jerk and didn't pay attention to me and my older sister had homework. So that left me to come up with something fun to do. My friends where on a camping trip so they had their phones taken. I decided to check out the house. It's a old house with lots of rooms. I was first to pick mine. As I was walking up the stairs I saw a door that leads to the basement. I made a mental note to never go down there. I soon found a room on the top floor in the West wing of the house. It was a big room with lots of hiding places. I just wish my older brother and sister would play with me. I started to carry my stuff to the room. When I got ther the door was open. That's strange i could have sworn I closed the door. When I was finished setting up my room I went to bed. It was strange. I couldn't get to sleep and I felt like I wasn't alone. My sister and brother where on the other side of the house on the bottom floor and I would have heard them come up the stairs. Just then I heard shifting in the far corner of the room. When I looked in that direction I saw something i wish I hadn't. It was a very human like figure that walked on all fours. With big glowing eyes and skin stretched over bone's. When it realized I saw it was there it smiled big showing all its perfectly sharpened teeth. In two perfect row's. I screamed and ran out the room not noticing what room I was running to I barely made it to my brother's room and slammed the door shut locking it behind me. It started to bang on the door and that's when my brother woke up. I crawled under the covers with my brother and he held me close as it was trying to to break the door down. I was crying and my brother told me it would be alright. Suddenly the banging stopped. I slowly walked toward the door not making a sound and put my ear to the door. BANG!! It broke the door. As I lay on the ground defenseless the air knocked out of my lungs trying to breathe. With one tug on my leg I was thrown to the end of the hallway. I kicked and screamed for my brother who was desperately trying to catch up as it dragged me down the hallway with my sister, mother and father not far behind. But it was fast and very strong. Finally it stopped but not for long the next thing I new I was falling down the stairs to the basement. I don't know what happened next but I'm glad it did because when I woke up I was in a hospital bed covered in bandage's. All I know is that my family changed. Both my brother and sister only spent time with me and my parents didn't care about us. Now I'm wondering what exactly happened while I was out. Shout outs to Inti and the rest of my followers. Part 3 of how my brother died Is coming soon. Comment and like and you can be one of the three people who get a shout out in the next story. I'll answer all questions you have. thank you all for reading.

Story is told by Fidelleah


Oh man. This one scared me. Can't wait to read how my brother died part 3.


KILLERKD, I know who you are "lil bro" ?


Hey fid I'm intis freind