(Kairi's pov for now on) I ran, and ran, as fast as I can. As long as my legs could hold me. Away from all of them! They were my friends, but at the same time they weren't. "Why are you running away from us, Kairi?" All of them said. I didn't dare to answer, nor did I ever look back. I just kept running. Hiding wasn't at all an option. And it would be useless to fight them. I just wanted to get away from them. In this final battle, everyone died...nobody won. The only thing left...were everyone's bloody corpses. That are now inhuman creatures thirsty for blood. They chased me, wanting me to join them in the afterlife. But that's not what I wanted. ... Finally, I managed to escape them. But one of them reminded me I wasn't safe forever. "You've escaped us this time...but we're coming for you...and we will find you." TBC(Sorry if this one's a little short)

Story is told by Sally.67u