Everybody is acting so weird right now and I can't help being suspicius against my parents. Here's why. We're sitting at the dinnertable one day after school. The TV was on in the living room and we where waiting for the news to start.The news started and we went to the living room. It took about ten minutes before i coudn't watch anymore. My eyes got filled with tears as the news started to sink in. My best friend had just gone missing. Later that day started my parents to act weird. They where so happy, almost to happy. Like my mom would start laughing hystericly and then my dad would join in. I got scared so I just nervosly nervously laughed along with them. The're where other people that went missing but I dont know any of them. I've noticed that they are trying to act normal but that WONT WORK ON ME. I often wake up in the middle of the night of someone carrying something heavy down the stairs leading to the basement. They say that the basement is under renovation but a weird feeling have been developing in my stomach and I can't help being curius. I'm not allowed to go down to the basement beacause of the renovation thing. The weird thing is that every single time I ask them about how the renovation is going they always get weird and quiet. Sometimes they even start to smile or giggle quietly. Another thing that's weird is that I have never seen them carry furnitures down the stairs to the basement at day. I guess the weird noises at night is just them working. I remember the basement as a big emty room so they have to carry something down there, but when I try to start asking questions they always change the topic. Now back to reality. I've had enough. I need to know whats down there. The clock downstairs strikes twelve long strokes and I get out of my bed. I head to the door and wait paciently. I open the door to the hallway and look out. I close the door as quietly as I can behind me, and start walking down the stairs to the living room. Everything is completly quiet and i'm starting to feel a little more confident. Confident that this is one of the nights when my parents are asleep. I am now down in the living room and I walk towards the door leading to the basement. Stops here and there to listen for any sound. I come closer to the door, but then I stop. There is something wrong with the smell around the door. It smells... perfume, but the smell is old and I notice that the parfyme covers uo for another smell. The smell is faint and I can barely smell it through the perfume. For some reason have my mom sprayed perfume in the room where the door to the basement is and especialy near the door. I don't know why she did it but it smell great. I try to put my finger on the other smell, but it's useless so I concentrate once more on the basement. I opened the door and there is the smell again. It's a little stronger now and I go further down the stairs while the weird smell gets stronger and stronger. I now get a little uncomfterble with the smell beacause it's unknown and I where ecspecting the smell of paint. At the bottom of the stairs is there another door. I can again smell the strong perfume along with the other smell that gets stronger. As I stand there I suddenly get a strange desire to go up to my room and crawl under my blanket and forget everyting. I wonder if this is really a good idea since mom and dad clearly said that I werent allowed to. I convinced myself to filally open the door. A bad feeling began to grow in my stomach, but I pushed it aside and twisted the door handle... The door slides silently up and the smell. The smell inside the room is so strong that it feels like it's attacking my face. It's so strong that my nose is burning, and I feel like I'm gonna throw up. The nauseating smell is so overwhelming, almost as if an animal have died and rottend for weeks in here. I go in and start looking for a light switch in the hope of knowing what makes the smell. After a little searching I find the switch and turn on the light. The light is a little dazzeling at first, but I quickly get used to it. I look around and notice that the room have never been under renovation. The only new thing about the room is all the brownish stains on the floor and walls. Something else strange is that someone have removed the floor so what I now stand on is soil. There is a shovel at the other end of the room and next to the shovel is a pre-dug hole. I'm wondering what they're using that for. I realise that i stand on something soft and I look down. The soil here is much softer than anywhere else in the room. It probably took a few minutes to decide if I wanted to dig in the soil or not, but in the end decided I that i'm going to dig. I NEED to know what the smell is. It didn't take long before the shovel hit something hard, or it's not exacly hard beacause it's more like firm and soft. I knew that it wasn't stone or soil. I remove some soil around the sides with my hands to see more clearly what it is, but before i get to finish i stop. I look down at my hands. Between my fingers can I now see two large chunks of hair. I cant belive it. I've been so busy with digging around it that I didn't notice what it was. A pale bruised face with big distant eyes stare at me from the ground. I heard a scream and I turn around, but I notice that the scream comes from myself. Then I hear something... The door on top of the staircase swung open and someone start to walk down the stairs with big heavy steps. The person coming down the stairs have something heavy that he or she is dragging down the stairs. I suddenly feel paralyzed with fear and i'm completly unable to move. Then i hear another person start walking down the stairs and I don't want to know who it is. The steps stopped right outside the basement door. I see the door handle slowly being pulled down. The door opens and there stand the two persons I though I've known my whole life...

Story is told by The Inviseble One


The Inviseble One, good. Keep on trying. I believe you'll get better.

The Inviseble One

Thanks I know there where mistakes but i'm really trying.


This story is actually quite scary if you ask me. But there were a few mistakes here and there. Still overall I liked the story. Keep it up.