Jackson: LAND! Is it really you brother i...is mother here Lander: yes, she is here but one small problem she ain't feeling to good so be warned Jackson limbs off to the base's E.R. Jackson: m...mo...mom how are you Mom: you are here finally here my babies are finally back together please give me a hug Jackson hugs his mom Jackson: needed to come here any way i got to fix myself up cause one of the trigger happies shot me Mom: oh are you going to be fine Jackson(looking for medicine and sutures ): yeah i will be any way i heard you are not feeling well whats wrong and dont lie to me Mom: well i just been having really bad headache and stomach problems where i am stumbling and my vison blurred the doctor said everything is fine it is just me weight and age so i need to take it easy from now on Jackson:ok well i have the needle and medicine but where is the string Lynn: hey let me help you with that She grabs the string from a box Jackson: mom this is Claire Lynn...and Lynn i can do it on my own Just then and nuke sirens go off then a bright light Lynn survived and Jackson survived turns out they were infected all along and the wolves are their pets

Story is told by lonewolf


Plot twist and amazing it is another caution tape wow