When I was around seventeen,my parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary. I was put in charge of my baby brother, who was only nine at the time. After I tucked him into his bed, I sat at my desk and worked on my latest art project. After a few minutes of silence, I heard what sounded like an unearthly moaning coming from outside. I looked up at my window, hesitating for a minute. Should I open the curtains or should I play it safe? I had seen enough horror movies to understand what not to do, so instead I decided to go check on my brother. As I walked down the hallway, I felt a little uncomfortable as I reached my brother's room. He was sitting up in his bed, staring at his open window with a horrified look on his face. Tears ran down his face and he gripped his pillow tightly. I turned my attention to his window and I froze. There at his window,was a man, or at least I thought it was. His skin was a sickly shade of yellow and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. His teeth were ugly and his lips were chapped. He licked his lips several times and slid his hand down my brother's window. He opened his mouth and started to groan and cackle, and I realized that he was responsible for the noises that I heard outside my window. My guess was that he wanted to get to my baby brother, and do God knows what to him. I lunged forward and yanked him out of his bed, sprinting to our parents room. I put him into the bathroom, which was the safest room since it didn't have any windows. I grabbed my dad's pistol that was in a case underneath of the bed and my phone from my pocket, locking the bathroom door. My baby brother sobbed in fear and clung to me, while I called the police. I guess since my curtains were closed, he went to find another way to spy on us. The police arrived in less than five minutes and found the man hiding in our tool shed. I found out that he was a registered sex offender and had escaped from an insane asylum by attacking and killing one of the guards. I'm happy nothing happened to my brother, and my dad made sure he knew how to protect himself. I recently moved out and had my own apartment, but a part of me onlys fears he'll come back for my brother.

Story is told by Ms_Hyde

Queen Quacker

Oh dear, that's really scary.