I'm fresh out of college, and I've never been happier. Although, I was a little nervous about living by myself for the first time. I had always had a roommate, or I had been living with my parents. Some would call me a little paranoid, but others would simply say that I watched too many horror movies. The apartment I had rented was pretty shabby and not the best, but it was all I could afford with my paycheck. It was fairly big, two bedrooms and a bathroom, although the one bedroom sort of sent off a vibe. I don't know how to describe it, but it made me nervous to even look at the door. I did have to go in there though, to store extra boxes that I didn't have room for in my room. The room was smaller then my bed room, with a slanted ceiling. I noticed that some of the floor boards were out of place, not even nailed down. I was careful as I stepped around them,mainly because I didn't wanna fall through. The room had a musky smell and and the walls were stained. Now that I look back at it, I could've sworn that I could hear something, or someone breathing heavily. Back to the present, it was around eleven at night, and I was busy typing away at my laptop. I paused, only for a minute when I heard the sound of scuffling coming from that room. I froze, and what sounded like foot steps approached my room. They stopped at my door, and I swear, I heard giggling. I don't do drugs, I don't drink and I don't smoke. I was wide awake and I know I heard a giggle. The only thing that protected me from whatever was on the other side of that door, was the door itself, and it was barely an inch thick. After a few seconds, it seemingly got bored and trudged back to the back room. I sat there, unsure if I should report a break in. Looking back now, I really wish I had just left then. *** The next day I was doing some research about the apartment complex. I found several news articles. The one that caught my attention though, was this. "In the past ten years that this apartment complex had been opened, a total of 29 people have come up missing from apartment 303. The belongings of the missing person were still there, but no trace of the person anywhere. More on this later." This was apartment 303. I felt my heart drop to my stomach. Staring at my computer screen, I felt like someone was watching me. I closed my laptop and rubbed the back of my neck. Goosebumps tickled my skin and I swore I heard someone breathing beside me. *** That night, I laid in my bed. I couldn't sleep. I was scared beyond I ever had been before. I must have eventually fallen because I woke up sensing that I was not alone in the room. I heard giggling. The giggle was dark and disturbing, malice laced within it. I tried my best to pretend I was still sleeping, but it failed because I heard it whisper, ''Mr. Long Neck knows you're awake.. "It was speaking with more then one voice, though. The voices speaking with him were male and female, and they sounded like they were in pain. I slowly opened my eyes and I choked on a scream. It's head was right in front of mine. It bobbed slide to side, clacking it's teeth excitedly. The thing that still haunts me though, was it's neck. It was long and twisted, but it was black and white stripped. It's claws curled around the door frame and the neck ran from there, to me. And it's face. God it's face.. It's eyes were wide and bulging, to close together. It's smile was stretched to it's eyes, allowing long and jagged teeth to show. It opened it's mouth and it screamed. I could hear the screams of pain and agony from the other voices and I could hear someone's last words too. "Help me! Please! Oh my god get away from me! " I felt hopeless as I sat there. I thought I was going to to die. I got a sudden bolt of adrenaline as I reached over and grabbed a lamp from my night stand and I slammed it into it's face. It shrieked and hissed in pain, slowly retreating to it's body. I grabbed my phone and I bolted out of my window. Once I was a safe distance away from the apartment complex, I called 911. *** The police searched my apartment but found nothing, that it is, until they searched the back room. The brown stains on the wall, was actually blood, which is what made the room smell so bad. Forensics were called onto the scene and they tore the walls down. They found 29 headless bodies in the ways, all varying in stages of decay. The heads were never found, and they closed the case. *** I'm sitting here now, typing this. I need to share this, because everyone calls me crazy when I mention Mr. Long Neck. I thought that if I left that apartment, he'd leave me alone. I was so wrong. I can see him out of the corner of my eye, his head bobbing excitedly. I have a gun next to me, and I'll be damned if I'll let him be the one to kill me. I'm so sorry. But now that you've read this, Mr. Long Neck is coming for you. *** You stare at the computer screen, stiffing a laugh. Horror stories always end something like that. You stand up and shut your laptop, plugging it in for the night. As you lay in your bed, you swear you can hear a strange clacking noise, but you scoff and just say it's the pipes acting up again. As you fall asleep, Mr. Long Neck watches you. He's excited, and he's hungry. As his head floats over your sleeping body, he unhinges jaws, and opens his mouth wide. It's dinner time.

Story is told by Ms_Hyde

Queen Quacker

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear That was terrifying..