Hope u guys enjoy and this shout out goes out to.......shayasta stone.....shayasta u have given me a lot of advise and you help bust my confidence anyway let's get into the story, Previously on the Vicous Wolf Amanda goes to jail and she will get out in 2 years and her wolf comes to visit her untill...... 2 years later... The security guard advised Amanda to stop then she will not go to jail anymore and the security guard also advised her that her wolf had got hit by a car but will be ok she screamed with joy that she could see her wolf Samantha again when Amanda got home Samantha was not there then she got a call from the vet she had to go pick up Samantha but when Amanda got there the vet said Samantha already got picked up by her owner.Amanda scream at the top of lungs"where is my wolfffffff" the vet said "I dunno oh here is the recite oh it says that umm a mom and her husband and there kid came to pick her up"and Amanda said "ugh I thought I killed them 2 years ago"then the wolf was outside the door and Amanda said"oh thank got that scared the crap outa me but it ok at least I got her with me now"... Hope u guys have an amazing summer break and I'll post soon bye bye??? P.s. comment to enter the shout outs and like if u want a part 7...

Story is told by Xx_lonewolfie_xX


I is bigger than th we others


Wow this seems like it is maybe a little longer then the others though i could be wrong but yeah cant wait for part 7


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