I like the attention that I am getting. They all come to me, summon me out, and kneel for me. They gave me gifts, cherish me, make rituals for me. But they're never loyal. Mortals, you can never trust them. I gave them the love of their life, wealth, health, even brought their dead loved ones alive again, what more could they want?!? The next thing you'll know, they have found a real partner, made their way up to sucess, and I'm not the one doing that for them. God have finally decided that it's their way of living. And guess what? They start to cherish him! What did I do wrong, what gave them faith? Whatever, they broke their promise. They started to believe in him. Now, they'll pay...

Story is told by Hxni2344


Inti, thanks for reading ?


Queen Quacker, thank youu ;)

Queen Quacker

Scary. That is really scary.


That's creepy. I wonder what will happen to them.