There is this girl named Miya and she has bullies that were named Kayako, Sayaka, and Rima. They bullied her everyday and the day they bullied her they heard what Miya was complaining about Kayako, Sayaka, and Rima that they skipped school. So they talked to her in a mean way and pulled her hair and pushed her to the ground. Rima says "Wow you know you are worth nothing. Then Sayaka said "Get up you Trash. Then Kayako said "Bring her we still have a lesson for her to teach. So they brought her to the train tracks and Sayaka and Rima hit her while Miya was there in the floor bring hurt and weak. Then Kayako said "This is what happens when you go against us Miya. Then Kayako told Miya "You will disappear and nobody will ever remember you. Then Miya said to herself "I'm such an idiot. When she tried to get up she realized she was stuck on the train tracks. And a train was coming then the train hit her separating her legs and her body from the train. Then Miya's death was on the news and was spreading fast throughout the town. Sayaka talked about Miya's death with Rima and Kayako but Kayako said in a not so serious voice "Actually it's not our fault she couldn't get off the train tracks. Then Sayaka said in a voice with regret "Sorta because we pushed her to the train tracks and left her to die. Then Kayako said "Well it's not our fault she died. Then next she said "Besides she is not here now what could go wrong? Then Kayako said "Wanna skip the fourth period? Then Sayaka said "No....I think I will stay. Then Rima said "Me too. While Rima was sweating with regret. After Kayako skipped the fourth period from school so she went to the arcade. Kayako had fun in the arcade playing claw machines and games. Then after she found out that it was night she lost track of time! Then Kayako regretted skipping school then she heard a noise. She heard the noise that sounded like Teke Teke. An unknown voice said "Kayako..... Then Kayako said in fear "What was that?! Then that voice said "You....killed me. Then she realized it was Miya! Miya said "I'll let you feel the pain by chopping your own body off. Kayako backed away. Then Miya pulled out a scythe and chopped Kayako's body off. Then Sayaka said to Rima in fear "It's a coincidence that Kayako died like Miya did right.....? Then she realized and told Rima "M-Miya is going to kill us... Then Rima told her "Stop it! Miya is dead and she didn't kill Kayako, maybe she got unlucky then a killer found her. Then Rima left mad. Then she realized " It can't be because only Miya knew we killed her...Then the next day Rima was found dead at the bus stop her legs were sitting there on the bench and her body was in the floor. Then Sayaka was at the doctors and said she needed a psychiatrist and her parents were concerned. When Sayaka knew that same day she was crying and knew she was staying for the night. Sayaka was struggling to sleep when it was night. But then when Sayaka was about to fall asleep she heard glass break, then Sayaka said in shock and confused "What was that?! So Sayaka went to investigate. And the noise lead to the garden. Then Sayaka said in fear with her hear beating a little fast "Who's there?... Then a voice said "Sayaka....." Then Sayaka saw Miya "M-Miya! Then Miya said "You......killed...... me. The Sayaka said "P-Please Don't Kill m-me. But Miya killed her. The next day the doctors went to her room but she was not there but they couldn't find her anywhere.....they walked around the hospital and the found her dead her body was hanging there on the wall while her legs were in the ground. Her sister and dad found her. The End

Story is told by Ava loves stories

Ava loves stories

Doesn't sound scary to me because I heard this story.