Finally, it's almost Christmas, I feel it in my bones. I glanced at the Christmas tree and stocking, imagining them with presents. Me and my sister May had been looking forward to this day, we couldn't wait for Christmas Eve to end. Oh the joy! I finished up my Christmas cookie and went to bed. I couldn't sleep due to excitement of Christmas. May was still awake in the room across from me. I finally started to doze off when I heard my sister screaming. Me and my parents rushed into their room to find May in a curled up ball sobbing. "What happened?" My mother asked. "I'm not aloud to say, he wouldn't like it" she replied. "Who wouldn't like it?" My father asked. She remained silent and said nothing. 1 min later We asked a bunch of questions but she remained silent. "Mabye she had a nightmare" my mom said. We went back to bed, I kept a close eye on May. She seems to be tossing and turning like she was avoiding something, but I don't know what. I started to sleep when she got up and started to walk downstairs. Being the quietest I can I followed her, she walked onto the street and just sat there. A black Honda was driving on the road. I shouted for her but she didn't answer. I ran out onto the street but it was to late. I didn't want to do anything in the morning I stayed in bed and locked the door. Eventually I starved to death. Merry Christmas, ##username##

Story is told by DeadKid25


Well that's... a very sad ending.