In my dreams.... I shake my head at my brother in laughter. My sides are hurting from laughing. We're sitting on the edge of a pier and looking out at the beautiful blue water of the lake next to our home. We've been playing in this lake since we were kids. Our mom and little sister were gone out shopping. He'd just told me about how horrible his date went last night. I watched the way the sun bounced off the water. He joked that today seemed almost too good. He and I were firm disbelievers in God and were goth to the core. But today was the last day of summer so we were enjoying as much sunlight we possible. I stand up and tell him that I'm going to get a coke, he tells me to get one for him. I walk inside and a hand closes over my mouth and a gun is pressed to my head. A terrifyingly familiar voice whispers in my ear to not make a sound. It's my ex boyfriend. Id broken up with him because he was too controlling. I knew he was a little unhinged but this was too much. I was scared out of my mind. He told me that I couldn't leave him I was his and he'd never let me go. Just then my brother walked in to check up on why I was taking so long. He froze when he saw me with the gun to my head. My ex turned the gun on him and said shut up and don't do anything stupid. My brother gives me a look that says it'll be okay he'll get me out of this. And he moves more inside so my ex has to put his back to the door to keep him in sight. Then he shouts our code for duck and I knee him and move out of the way as my brother tackles him, they crash through the door to the ground and struggle for the gun. It goes off... My world freezes. I watch as if in slow motion as the gun if flung out towards me and he falls back against the ground, blood soaking his shirt. My ex leans over him in shock and then makes a grab for the gun but I reach it first and I shoot without thinking. He falls to the ground and I run past him to my brother. I'm crying and I hold him and try to put pressure on the wound but there's just so much blood. My hands are slick and it's hard to see through the tears. I grab my phone and call an ambulance. My brother is gasping for breath and tells me that I must tell our little sister that he'll play with her again one day, and he says that at least he made our dad proud by dieing protecting someone he loves. I sob and tell him to stop talking that he'll be okay. He just smiles and says find me a wife and tell her I love her. And then he's just ... gone. His eyes are closed and he's stopped breathing. It feels like the world got darker. Like the light went out. I cry and bend my head over him screaming at him to open his eyes to come back to me. A few minutes later the ambulance pulls up and prys me away from his body. I'm sitting there cold and shivering I know I'm in shock but I don't feel anything the words he's gone and it's all your fault keep running through my head. When the cops ask me what happened I tell them and remember my ex but when I look at where I'd last seen him he was gone there was blood on the ground but otherwise nothing. Hed gotten away while I was crying over my brother. My dreams fades into another scene.... I'm standing in the living room of our new house but it looked different. Black and white pictures of a stern looking man with a bushy mustache and a beautiful woman in a white dress are on the mantel above the fireplace. There's a bearskin rug on the ground and the fire is burning. The whole house looks brand new like it was just built. There isn't a television or ceiling fan or even lights. There's parafin lamps all around and it's quite a beautiful albeit olden setting. There's a woman sitting by the fire with a knitting set in her lap. I step closer to her and I see she's making a tiny hat as if for an infant with a loving smile on her face. I recognize that look from when mom was pregnant with my sister. She's humming a lovely tune and then I hear a door slam and she stops humming. I move away from her when the man from the pictures steps into the room. He's a big angry man, tall and stocky his mustache oily and big. He shouts at the woman why she's sitting here knitting when he's hungry and that she must go make his food immediately or she'd have matching bruises for the ones on her legs. She leaves her knitting aside and goes to the kitchen and starts making his food without saying a word. He sits by the fire and watches the flames. The scene fades again.... I'm standing on the roof of a tall building. It's really high up and my brother is standing at the ledge and has his hand outstretched towards me. There's a hole with blood on his shirt. He looks exactly the same as the day he died. He's staring at me and begs me to help him. I try to go to him but he's too far and in slow motion he falls backwards over the ledge. I run to the edge and lay on my stomach and stretch my hands out to try to grab him. He barely grabs my fingers and then he slips free and plummets down ..... He just keeps going in slow torturous inches the whole time staring at me and I scream NO. I lurch up in my bed.... 'They were just dreams' How's my story so far guys? Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think of it. I'll have the next part ready in a couple of days. If you missed the first part check my account and you'll see it labeled as The Lady In White. For the next part give me a follow and just keep an eye out. Lots of love, IceQueen✨?

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