This is a true story so please be kind in your comments. This is a follow-up from my 1st story (my house is haunted) My mum Annie committed suicide in February 2016. I had had a few bad paranormal experience in my new house before this and thought it would be something I would just have to deal with but thankfully I was wrong. The feeling in my home at night changed the very night my mum passed but it wasn't until 3 weeks later when she was laid to rest that I felt her with me. I was crying on my bed in my room when I felt the mattress dip like someone had sat on the edge but nobody was there. At first I thought it was that mean old lady ghost trying to **** with me again but then I felt a cold hand on my shoulder comforting me, I said "mum is that you" she didn't say anything but I felt a cold pressure on my head like she had kisses me "yes". I feel her a lot, Everytime I get sad about her she puts her reassuring hand on my shoulder. I hope someday soon her spirit will be strong enough to actually speak to me or even better to show herself in image. I miss her every single day, she was not just my mum, she was my best friend, she was only 19 years older than me and I loved her with all my heart, and I still do. Thanks for reading xx

Story is told by Meeshell

Queen Quacker

Awww, may she rest in peace.


Thank you deadkid


It's so sad. I wish the best for you and your mum -DeadKid25