I am Ximena and I had a friend her name was Emilia and was a great friend! We were friends ever since 1st grade. And now we are in 7th grade and one day we played in the woods and played hunter and after we got back to my house so we can have a sleep over because my friend was staying for the night , her mom was at the hospital working also she asked her mom that she can stay at my house because she was going to work so she can not feel lonely. But that same day we went to the woods and we had fun and I told "Emilia it's getting late we better head inside my house. She said "Ok! But she didn't act the same when we went inside the house. She acted a little rude to me but acted nice to my mom and when I went to sleep she went to the woods and how did I knew this? I had camera's in my house even outside also she didn't even notice them, when I checked the footage she turned into a skinny creature and headed out to the woods, I feared that she could hurt me but isn't my friend? I can't believe what was happening and the more I feared the more I think I'm hallucinating, when it was time for bed I have her a necklace she said "What is this? I said "It's a gem! She talked to me and said "It looked like a the color Jade! I said "It is that color! When it was time for bed I went to sleep and after I slept I saw her and I saw the monster and she was with other monsters I was shocked and when she came back she turned to human, I told my mom about everything and she didn't believe me and when I showed her the footage she still didn't believe me. I told my mom again, again, again , again and again. Then she had enough she sent me to the doctor and the doctor said I was diagnosed with Pychosis and it was yet to believe that my mom had that too. We were sent to the mental hospital and what's even worse was that I heard my friend as a creature. The End

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