*This story takes place in the 80s when people use tape recorders to document things* It was March 19, 1980. It was a cold rainy day in Kansas and that was particularly unusual. Mark was driving home from the grocery store when he saw that the local Camelot Music was having a sale on tape recorders. The sale sparked his interest because he was planning on pranking his friends. He had been eyeing one of the recorders for a while now. He decided that he wanted to purchase it today. Mark entered the store and went straight to the tape recorder. It was a plain and simple tan recorder that seemed pretty easy to use. The recorder was only $20 now because it was half off. He decided to purchase it. *When Mark arrived at home* Mark was so excited to use the recorder that he didn't even check to see if there was already recordings on it. This he would soon realize was the greatest mistake he had ever made. Mark started talking into the record not realizing that it wasn't even recording what he was saying. Instead it just repeated it back to him and he thought it was supposed to do that. *Two days later* Mark and his friends were gathered in his basement and the recorder was hidden near them by the place he was charging his phone. Mark walked over there and pressed play and walked back. Marks friends had no clue. Suddenly strange languages started coming from the recorder. It wasn't what Mark said. Then the power shut off. A few minutes later it turned back on and the recorder stopped. Everyone was scared including Mark. Mark decided to tell his friends what he had done. But everyone was completely silent from the fact that it wasn't what Mark said. They were angry and decided to go home. *Several weeks later* One by one Marks friends had randomly disappeared. He had told the cops what happened and they investigated. Nobody recognized the languages he described and the tape recorder was nowhere to be found. Mark had been trying to figure it out. He had no luck . Eventually the case was closed and the friends were still missing. The investigation revealed that there never was a tan tape recorder in that store. Mark was later known as the town crazy man, because he claimed to see his friends and hear voices and swears the recorder was there. The end!

Story is told by Me duh