I moved in to my current home in 2015 when my son was almost 1, we had been here a few months when this incident happened. I live in a back to back house, my son's bedroom is on the 1st floor while mine is in the attic. One night in November 2015 my boy was sleeping in his room and I was reading a book in bed in the attic. Suddenly I heard him crying so I jumped out of bed and rushed to go down the stairs to tend to him. All of a sudden when I got down on 2 steps I felt a hand on my back push me with such force that I was taken off my feet and landed with full force on my coccyx (tail bone) the hit was that hard it broke my coccyx in 2 places. I hobbled to my boys room only to find he was still sound asleep in exactly the same position he was before. I have since found out the couple who lived her before me had been in the house over 50 years, the wife had passed away in her bed and her husband was so distraught he left her in the bed for almost a year until the smell got reported by neighbors. To be continued

Story is told by Meeshell