I was walking through the woods at night, trying to take a short cut home. I've walked this trail a hundred times. I know every branch, rock, and turn. As I go I hear something crack behind me. I try to see what is there, but I can't see a thing. I start walking a little faster. All of the sudden there is a low hum out in the distance. As the noise gets closer, it turns into chanting. It surrounds me, it's everywhere. I start running blindly into the woods away from any known path. Suddenly I run into a field and the chanting stops. It's dead quiet. As I take a moment to catch my breath, I notice foot prints in the dirt. But there r only one or two sets before they disappear. I start walking, not knowing what else to do. I hear rustling in the glass behind me. I stop, and slowly turn around. There is a hooded figure in a robe just standing there, doing nothing. I slowly turn and see that they have me surrounded. I have no where to run. The chanting starts up again. And a ring of fire sprouts up out of the ground. I jump back to the center, only then notice the strange symbols traced into the ground. In my confusion, I feel something drip down my face. I touch my fingers up next to my eye. There blood coming out of my eyes, nose, and ears. My head slowly starts to feel dizzy. I fall onto the ground, having lost all balance. The last thing I remember is someone in a robe walking towards me through the fire..... before everything went black.

Story is told by Cheyenne

Queen Quacker

Ohhh dear. Scary.

Black Cat

hiya,read your bio,sounds cool.