I was...shocked! I thought Kairi was dead as well as everyone else. She looked around and shouted if anyone was there. When she approached the area where the labyrinth was, she was stunned. Seeing all the dead corpses of the other guardians and organization. But for some reason, Sora's seemingly wasn't there. Kairi tried to find him but couldn't. Then, it suddenly appeared right behind her. She turned around....and screamed. It showed a hyper-realistic image of his hunged body. Kairi sat down and started to cry. "Why? Why would he kill himself like this?" She continued to sob horribly until she heard a voice. "Kaaaaiiiiirrriiiii?" it said. Kairi wondered where it was coming from. "I know that voice." I knew who it was too. "S-Sora? Is that...you?". She looked at the rotting corpse above her. "Why did you leave us, Kairi?". What does he mean leave them? She didn't do that, did she? "But how are you talking to me? You're dead." Kairi said. At this point, I was sweating. "You'll find out soon, Kairi." And then...Sora's dead body got out of the rope and fell on the floor itself. Kairi stepped back in shock. Now here's where the true horror begins It disturbingly stood up....and slowly turned it's head to an unnatural angle to face Kairi, who was shaking with fear. He had his eyes closed. "S-S-So..ra?" Kairi said. He opened his eyes....showing they were a terrifying pitch-black. "What's...your-your eyes. W-why are they..." . I looked it the screen with horror in my eyes. "I miss you, Kairi. Don't worry, we won't hurt you." He smiled, with his razer sharp teeth. The music in the background began to play backwards. "W-wait, what do you mean by "we"?" Kairi asked. Suddenly...the corpses of the others started to stand up, unnaturally. Them too opening their blacked out eyes. "No..." Kairi took a few steps back. They were all dead...and they were hungry. "Sora" came right behind her. "Join us, Kairi. We can be happy together." He...or it said. This can't be happening. "Join us, Kairi." They approached her closer, and closer. Kairi knew what she had to do.... RUN. TBC in part 4(Sorry this is so long.

Story is told by Sally.67u