Made by: Kags Tobio Title Credit to: Kay Kay (What goes in my Head, Stays in my head: Comment) Me and my Friends have been driving for about 2 hours into the city, we were from the country so we decided we wanted to see the city once in a while. I was with: Candace Harris Sarah And Max I was the one driving, My name's Ash. So I was driving when we passed by some hotel, Like the New Teenagers we were to the world, we didn't book ourselves a reservation. We looked for the best place to stay at, I was Surprised how hard it was to find a 5 star Hotel in the City. I stopped by the Gas Station and Filled up my tank while Candace and Sarah asked the Cashier in the Convenient store to where the best hotel was. Crest View Hotel Rating: 5 Stars Service: 5 Stars Overall: 5 Stars Sarah: Wow Crest View seems nice don't you think? Candace: Too Nice actually, it has so much 5 Stars and it only opened 3 weeks ago. Sarah: It did? Candace: Read the Card! Sarah: Oh sorry I didn't see that part, my bad. Ash: Hey Guys Are you ready to Get going or what? Max: Sorry Bro Got a little crazy with the food back there Ash: Yeah Yeah now help me pack em and Go get Candace and Sarah. We packed our stuff and headed off to the road, looking for the famous, Crest View Hotel. 30 Minutes Later Ash: Does this look like Crest View Hotel? Looks fancy ain't it? Harris: Well, aren't all hotels Fancy? I mean we haven't been in the City for that long either though Ash: Lets just check in before night falls, You don't want to get arrested for Driving too late in the night. Sarah: Why would you get arrested? Ash: Some say That happened here once, aam got arrested for driving late at night and he was just trying to find a place to sleep at. Candace: Harsh, I say. So we got our rooms and Headed to the elevators. The elevators were mighty Confusing but we figured how to work it. We went in our separate rooms and Stayed with 1 other person, but one of us had to sleep alone and that was Harris. Me and Max got a room while Candace and Sarah shared the other. Max: Ain't this Fantastic, Im stuck with a girl and She ain't doin' nothin' yet. Ash: Just sleep, and Im not a girl remember. Max: Aight if you say so Ashyy Ash: Idiot go to sleep already. 12:00 am Max: Hey Ash I think I heard someone Outside.. Ash: W..What? *Yawns* Max: Im serious, I heard someone. Ash: Probably One of the girls getting room service. Max: It's 12 am Why would they? Ash: Fine lets check then. We went out to the hallway and searched who was walking at that time and Saw nobody. Ash: You're delusional ya know that? Max: Yeah sure, Tell me that but once Someone tries to walk here again with wet feet I will- Ash: Wait wet? Why didn't you tell me that? I mean we could've found them if you said that sooner. Max: Sorry I guess it slipped my mind. We Tried to find the wet footsteps and Lucky enough we did but it continued down the hallway to the basement door. I froze. Why was there a Basement door on the 3rd floor? Basements are located in the ground floor, You can't have a basement in the upper floor. Max: Yo are you seeing this? Ash: How did we end up here? Weren't we one the same floor? Max: Dunno man but these things are too crazy to handle right now. We went back to our room, Well we tried. So We went looking for our room number only to open it and see a clean and new Room I was sure it was our room since we checked the other's aswell. (They Knocked on their doors to see if it was them in the rooms) But somehow our room was the only different one. Max: Can we leave First thing in the morning? Ash: Sure, I don't wanna stay here anyway. We searched for our room but gave up so we entered the one with the newly made beds. I wanted to leave but wanted to find out what was happening, That was too creepy even for me The next day Candace: Morning guys! Ash: Hey Candace Max: Ey there Sarah: Last night was weird. Harris: How come? I mean like I think all of us had a weird night right? Ash: What do you guys mean? Sarah: Some people were walking around in the halls last night and I couldn't sleep. Ash: Wait what? Hey Max didn't we asked them about our room? Max: Man, I don't even know what this is and you're asking me if we asked other people about last night? Harris: Woah thats freaky, I did that too last night. I asked Ash where my room was but I found nothing except a new room which I had the key to. We all stood silent at the Lobby and Decided to not speak of what happened, we also couldn't find our things nor the Staff. After all that, we had breakfast and headed to the truck with most of our things still in the trunk. I drove to the nearest exit from Crest View but after 10 minutes we found Crest View Hotel again. We kept driving by that place and the surroundings seemed similar. Max: Bro what's happening? Ash: I dont know but I swear I drove out of the city. Candace: Try a different route? I tried to find new routes to Exit from but, Cest View kept appearing everywhere. Ash: Okay Maybe this is the same hotel and we were going in circles. I got out of the car and Went in the hotel. Yes, It was the same hotel. But the People were getting lesser. This is driving us insane. Sarah: So? Ash: Same hotel. Max: WHAT? We've been driving for hours how could that be the same Hotel? Ash: I don't know but I really want to get out of this city. 1 Week Later Ash and his friends were found in a nearby highway asking for directions. They were brought to medical care after a week. The police questioned them one by one on how they ended up there with drugs scattered in their system. Police: Do you know how you got those drugs in your body? Ash: No sir, I can't remember anything but staying at a hotel. Police: Can you please Tell me about this hotel? Ash: Well, me and my friends stayed at Crest View hotel but after some time, things got a little weird. Police: Crest View? Ash: Yes, It was recommended to us. Police: Ash, sorry to say this but, Crest View Hotel was shut down 2 weeks ago. Ash: What? What do you mean? There were staff everywhere in that place. Police: It was shut down for Putting Drugs in the food and murders getting reported. Ash:.... Police: Did you happen to eat anything from there? Ash: Yes. Police: Lets call the authorities and Get this figured out. Crest View Hotel Was Closed for drugging their food and Having murders at night. They put drugs in the food so that their victims would be vulnerable and easy to kill since the drug lasts more than 1 week I'll be taking more Titles In the comments!

Story is told by Kags Tobio


Amazing!!!! I like what you did