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This story is inspired my my New mood ring! Don't judge me ;^;" Bestie 1:32 Pm Darcyyy Hey I got the mood ring! Carrieeeee Oh Nice! How does it work though? Darcyyy Well You put it on in one of your fingers and it changes colors to whatever mood you're in. Carrieeeee That sounds cool I wish I could get one ☹️ Darcyyy Why don't you? Carrieeeee My mom told me the Budget's low ? Darcyyy Ouch that sucks but it only costs 6 dollars ? Carrieeeee I have the money to buy it but my mom told me I'll waste it. Darcyyy Wait, I don't think I noticed this but My ring has been red since yesterday. Darcyyy Im gonna look it up real quick 3 Minutes Later Darcyyy It doesn't have a Red color!!! Carrieeeee Wait it doesn't? So why does red show up when its not a color there? Darcyyy Idk its just red right now, What will red mean? Carrieeeee It can mean Anything, like Irritated? Darcyyy How am I irritated ? Carrieeeee Well I mean, I don't know how but I guess you can be ? Darcyyy Oh shi- I dropped it Wait for a sec. Darcyyy Yooo its liquid! Carrieeeee Don't Touch it! It can Be Dangerous!! You don't Know if it's Toxic or not ? Darcyyy I touched it, It feels warm and Kind of sticky. What do you think is it? Carrieeeee Maybe Water with Food dye? Or Paint maybe, Im not sure. Darcyyy Calling... Darcyyy: Hey Im gonna clean this up, I put it on call so we can talk while I clean it up. Carrieeeee: Sure, Are you going to tell your mom though? Darcyyy: Not sure yet. Carrieeeee: You should- Darcyyy: Hey Darce, Why is there blood on the floor? Carrie: Blood? It's Blood?! Darcyyy: Wait mom it's Blood? Darcyyy: Yeah, And what happened to your Hand?! Carrieeeee: Hey Darcy You there?! Carrieeeee: DARCY! Darcyyy Call dropped 1 week Later The mood ring Darcy had found Was made to collect blood and break once it's full. Lucky for Darcy Harrington, she was brought to Medical care before the ring could collect most of her blood. Researchers found out How this happened since the ring's base contained Billions of Microscopic Needles that's used to suck up anything liquid it touches Once its injected onto the host. Parts of these are true since my mood ring gives me severe allergies and I have to take them off for a while and put it back on when my Finger stopped swelling. Thank you! Please comment Some Titles for a chanc to be given credit and mentioned in posts ?

Story is told by Kags Tobio

Kags Tobio

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