This is a fanfiction of 2 AMAZING YouTubers Chat Hey Scott I'm thinking we do another scary chat collab I found a great one Sorry I'm busy today I'll ship you those snacks they don't have in England! Ill setup call you in 10 After filming they finished editing and Lauren watched back the video before uploading it. She realized that every few seconds there would be a glitch in the video she called up Scott to tell him the video was corrupted and they had to film another one. "What? No way show me the video" "look!" Says Lauren as she pull out her iPad and shows Scott what happened. "Well that's never happened before, send the footage to me and ill try to salvage what we can and fix it , maybe it was an editor you downloaded" says Scott "Alright Scott your the best I love you" "Why thank you Lauren I love me too" (Spoiler alert this will definitely NOT turn into a love story cause Scott's gay ) Lauren send Scott the video and he manages to get out all of the corrupted pieces by cleansing it and had all of them in a folder it was. Lauren was able to upload in time and their lives were back to normal. Until Lauren asked Scott to send her some of the new mod designs for a Minecraft series they were working on and he somehow accidentally included the corrupted footage as Lauren plays it she sees a video holding the fate of YouTube and possibly every social media platform on the planet... To be continued....... If you would like a part 2 please like this story 5 likes and ill make a part 2 I love Scott and Lauren subscribe to them on YouTube LautenzSide and Dangthatsalongname thanks for reading

Story is told by B strange

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B strange

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