I was in 7th grade when this happened, I was a Really paranoid Kid but I knew they were real. First Week of 7th Grade; Hallucinations? I was walking down the corridor to my Next class when I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. It was the middle of class sessions so I figured no one would be in the halls. I was back from the washroom when I heard the footsteps, But I thought someone was in there with me. I reached the corridor when I heard the footsteps get a little more louder, I looked up beside me but no one was there. "What the..." I whispered. "W..w..what the..." A distorted echo responded. I looked up and Wondered where that came from because its impossible to hear an echo in our Hallway, Nonetheless I whispered. I walked in my class and Waited for it to end cause the classes there were only filled with lecture and no such thing as work. "Class Dismissed students" Our teacher annouced while I tried to put my books in my Desk. "Hey [My Name], If you're going to stay longer please turn the lights off okay?" My teacher Told me before he stepped out. "Sure, I will" I answered back. "..Su..re..I will.." The echo came back. "Is someone there?" I said looking around. "Some...one..there..." It said back. I blinked and tried to process what I was hearing, Since some people think Im soft spoken and that my voice wasn't that loud and impossible to even scream- "If someone's around can you please come out?" I tried to ask, It. "Some..one..s..ar..ound.." Its whisper echoed beside me, I thought it was trying to communicate. But I just got the chills hearing it come from beside me. I walked out of the classroom and turned the lights off. "Weird day" I said to myself, Thinking- What if its a spirit trying to tell me something? I asked myself. "Like spirits would be real, Yeah right." I snickered and left the school grounds. Again, The footsteps followed From behind. I swung my head around to see nothing except the sidewalk and people Walking by. They look at me weirdly but I ignore them cause its Free real estate people. I continue walking to the bus stop and sat on the bench once I reached it. I hummed to myself and as I spoke some words the Echo came back. I must me be hallucinating for hearing voices. At home; It follows When I got home I took me shoes off and Looked for my mom. "Mom Im Home!" I yelled from the living room, Putting my things down and Laying on the carpet. "I..m..Ho..me.." The Echo said. "Did you say something?" My mom came in from the kitchen. "Oh yeah I just said-" Something Prevented me from Talking. "You okay?" My mom responded in a Worried tone. I nodded, stood up and Walked to my room. I touched my mouth and to my surprise I felt something else on it. Was it...A hand? I felt the thing around my mouth and tried to force it to get off. It did but it felt cold. "What the hell..?" I said to myself, getting confused and scared- "Hell.." It echoed in my room. I shrieked and Jumped to my bed while struggling to get under the covers. It was terrifying but Im a little surprised of how it responds. "A-Are you Here..?" I asked. "H..ere.." It answered. I looked up calming down and Asked it again. "Are you near me?" "N..e..ar" I perked up and got to the end of my bed. "Do you know me?" It was ridiculous of me to ask- "Kn..ow..You.." It responded rather a little Louder. "Thats a first, someone or something knows me" I plopped down and stared at the ceiling. "Sis..ter.." It whispered. I felt it sit down beside me. Mom's POV: He knows.. To be Continued. I'll be taking more Requests Btw ?

Story is told by Kags Tobio


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