It was about 5 in the evening... I was in my school with my friends we had to stay at school . I and my best friend were also there when my teacher said that we could go to our house. I was bored and my best friend just had went to toilet and I thought of pranking her. I went up stairs to the toilet (girls toilet were at the above of where we were ) I looked forward and knocked the door . Then I guess that it was my friend's reply asking who was there? I didn't reply and straight went to another empty class . Little did I know that my friend was a little bit of believe in the spirit . And that she would never ask who that was. I waited for some time, then I felt something was wrong . I felt like someone was behind me. Then the door was open wide and I saw someone coming out .I quickly hide at the door and waited for her to come and see if someone was doing a prank on her. But she never came ... I know my best friend's habit that when someone does that prank she just checks for the one. I thought I saw her shadow and her coming out. Than again I felt like someone was watching me from behind . I turned back . Then I thought that I should go back to class as it was getting late. But when I reached , I saw my friend angry at me. She said that I was up for about half an hour and she was waiting for me. I was socked and said that she was up and I was waiting for her . Then she said that she never went up. I thought that she was pranking on me so I just didn't said anything. Next day it was my turn to go up. I knew that my friend would come but not that friend that I thought.. I was just in when I heard knocking and said that not to copy the thing that I did . I instantly opened the door but there was no one . I got scared and ran down . But everyone had gone home even my friend . I still don't know what happened that day...

Story is told by Sikha

Queen Quacker