When I was 14, my friends and I had planned to go on a camping trip in the mountains for a few days. We had to hike up the mountain, so the WHOLE WAY UP, my friend Dylan complained. "Can we please stop!? We legs hurt like hell!" Dylan complained. "No Dylan. We just had a break 10 minutes ago and we want to get to the top before sunset." Olivia said behind her shoulder. "Stop being a wimp Dylan." Jackson said shouldering his backpack. "Says the person who brought a katana to protect himself with from a wombat," Dylan replies. "I will get Jackson's katana and hurt you all if you don't stop complaining like babies!" Harry threated. "Alright. Calm down." I mutter. "We're here." Kaitlyn said as she lead us to an opening. "Set up your tents so we can have that campfire." Amber said as she walked over to a nice place right next to the lake. I grabbed my tent pieces and started to build it when all of a sudden I heard a rustle in the bush. Probably a possum, I thought then I went back to work. After a hour we had all finished and the boys had set up the campfire. Anthony had gone for a toilet break as we all sat down "So anyone have a scary story?" Kaitlyn asked. "Me!" Harry and his twin sister Maddie yell. "Alright. Go on." I said picking my cooked marshmallow off my stick. "One night, a group of kids were camping in the woods. They were all in their tents as they were sleeping." Harry started. "But little did they know, they weren't alone. As they slept a figure crept around their camp." Maddie continued. "In the morning, when they woke up, they realised that obe of their friends were gone!" Harry said. "They searched all day and as soon night came, they heard rustling in the bushes....." Maddie said. As soon as she said that, the bushes started to rustle. "The group heard breathing behind them. So when they turned around...... They saw......" "ME!" A figure with leaves on it jumped out of the bushes, we all screamed. The figure began to laugh. "Oh I got you all good!" Anthony laughed. "You ****ass!" I yelled. "You scared the shit out of us." Harry said. "Jackson screamed like a girl!" Maddie laughed. "No, I didn't!" Jackson yelled. "Oh yes you did!" Dylan taunted. "Why you little wanker!" Jackson yelled as he got his katana and chased Dylan. We all laughed. Later....... I tossed and I turned as I heard noises from outside. I opened my eyes and slipped on my shoes. I opened up my tent and walked out to the chilly air. I walked to the lake and splashed my face to wake me up. I looked up to see a light figure. I tilted my head and I saw that the figure was see-through. I gasped as it floated away. I decided to follow it. I ran after it for 30 minutes until we reached a cave. It floated in and went in with it. My eyes went wide with terror at what I saw. The ghost was me....... The ghost had the same face as me and clothes. The ghost turned around and saw me. It flew right at me. I screamed as I ran back to the camp site. After we all went home, I was different. Nothing felt the same to me. What had happened to me for that ghost to be there?

Story is told by Rissa

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