Hello my name is Jake this is my story of how I was the only one to survive a trip to a abandoned hospital with my 3 other friends Me and my friends Anthony,carlos,and James were walking around the neighborhood we were talking about our true scary stories and then my friend Carlos said "i know a abandoned hospital around here" and asked if we wanted to go tomorrow night being the stupid ass I was I went along with it it was 11:34 at night we met up at the nearby park and we had to pros we put it on top of our heads our oldest friend Anthony drove us to the abandoned hospital when we got there the building was huge and old it was built in 1890 it was abandoned in the 1970's it was completely covered in moss and vines all the Windows were broken and there was so much trash it was creepy I was having second thoughts we started to head to the waiting room we saw a broken and filed over fending machine and broken chairs we started to go through the room all of them were trashed and empty but one had some blood on the walls I told my friends they started getting scared but they wanted to explore more. We decided to go to the second floor so we took the stairs there was a light in the distance of the hall we all went towards the light it turned off we were all very scared we decided to leave because it was 12:43 but we all heard a whisper it said "come to me" we ran out but Anthony,carlos,and james was staring in to the distance i ran without them but I went back to get them they were gone i couldn't drive home because Anthony had the keys i called 911 they came and stormed the abandoned hospital but found nothing the police told there parents they were they had a break down it was hard for them they didn't go outside for 5 months they were all depressed ever since that happened I wonder what happened to them Hoped you enjoyed:-) want a part 2 comment "yes" down below

Story is told by Stitched