Okay this story isn't scary. Well to me it is! I'm thirteen now but when this happened I was maybe six or seven I forgot. It was very late at night,my grandmother was in the other room doing laundry so I heard nothing but the dryer. My neighborhood isn't very big,so I usually keep my curtains open. But that night I didn't. Which I'm glad I didn't! It was around twelve in the morning and I was asleep because I had school the next morning. But I woke up to a faint knock on my window. The dryer was still going so I thought it was just something that got knock up against the inside of the dryer. So I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. But then I heard another knock. And the dryer had JUST shut off so I knew something was wrong. Someone was at my window. Me being me at that age just sat there. But the man knocked even louder the next time. When he did my grandma and grandpa came rushing in! They slung my curtain open. And there on the other side of my window sat a man. When my grandpa saw him he rushed out the house. But the man was long gone. I think back to that day all the time. I wonder what would have happened if my curtain was open? Would that creepy man try to break my window and get in? Or would he just go away? HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED! IF YOU DID LEAVE A LIKE ✨

Story is told by almondxmilkxhoney


Great story I loved it