'My brothers dead. I still can't believe it. He's my twin he shouldn't die before me. But he's gone. And it's all my fault. I did this to him. No wonder everyone hates me now they blame me ... I blame me too. If it weren't for me he'd still be alive. We should be together but I'm all alone. Yesterday was our 18th birthday but we couldn't celebrate it without him.' All of this runs through my head as the rhythmic rumbling of the car lulls me inside my head. My mother is moving my eight year old sister and I into a new house in a new town in a new place. We're in rainy country now. It's a grey miserable looking town with maybe 500 people at most. Our new home is a two story white creepy as all hell house in the middle of nowhere. It's surrounded by trees and our driveway is almost as long as the road into town is. 'No one would hear our screams.' As that runs through my head I shiver. The car stops and my sister and I walk hand in hand into the house as our mother speaks with the moving guys. The house has wooden floors and my doc marten clad feet make echoes. All the previous owners furniture is still there like they left in a hurry. 'Oooooh maybe something was chasing them.' We walk upstairs and my sister goes to pick out her room. I go into the room at the end of the hall. It's got a window looking down at the trees around our yard. I see a flash of white and look closer there's somebody standing at the edge of the foliage. I can't make out any details but suddenly the room feels ice cold. I shiver and look back and the person's gone. I decide to ask my mom about it later. Later that night I ask my mom and she says that there's no one anywhere near us so maybe I saw wrong. But I know what I saw that was a person and they saw me too. But I shrug it off 'maybe I am going crazy'. As I'm getting ready for bed I hear a shuffling noise come from above my head. 'Birds in the attic maybe?' But then I hear footsteps and i can hear my mother in the other room and I know my sister is already asleep. I'm weirded out but I decide to check it out without telling my mother first. Just to be safe I grab my metal baseball bat. I leave my room and pull the handle so the steps to the attic comes down and I slowly walk up. I pause at the top and peep my head up carefully and look around I don't see anything so I climb in. The attic is clean no dust or cobwebs or anything which is creepy since my mother and I hadn't ever been up here before. 'Maybe the real estate people cleaned up here but then why wouldn't they clean the rest of the house one time?' It's freezing cold up here. I hear a bang come from the corner of the attic and jump. Heart racing I slowly walk towards that area and all I see is a trunk. Its got a small lock on it. I prod at the trunk with the bat but it doesn't make any other noises. I try jiggling the lock but it holds. 'I'll look for the key tomorrow it's getting late' I think as I yawn. As I turn to go back downstairs I see something white move in my periphery vision. I whip my head towards it but there's nothing there. I've got chills running down my spine and I feel like someone's watching me. I'm scared to turn my back to it so I walk backwards to the stairs and when I reach them I run down as fast as possible and quickly pull the handle so the stairs close up. I stand there for a few minutes to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. I go to bed without any further freak outs. In my dreams ......... Sorry for the cliffhanger guys (not really ?). I'll release the next part soon so please follow me and don't forget to leave comments so i know whether I'm on the right track or not. Thank you, Lots of love IceQueen✨?

Story is told by IceQueen

Annie Mimo Wairish Dada

So awesome ? good story. Can wait season 2, 3, 4 and 5


Excellent story. Can't wait for part 2


Good story


Thank you sweetie it really means alot to me✨?

Queen Quacker

This is scary and I love it. Your on the right track. I can't wait for part two, AAAAA ♥♥♥