This is fake and made up, please do not take this seriously. -DeadKid25 Ever heard of Batman? The famous superhero saving everybody in Gotham? But wh at if I told you that he has a dark past. Bruce Wayne's parents death: As Bruce Wayne and his parents were walking down a odd lane. A gangster came out of no where and demanded money from both parents. Bruce hid behind his parents. Mr. Bruce denied him and they ended up getting shot. Except that's not true. The Wayne family was very rich and Bruce had a big allowance. Mr and Ms Bruce expected him to spend his money wisely. Now, before you read that Bruce parents had got shot, here's what actually happened. At the exact same time the gangster pulled the trigger, Bruce pulled out a knife and stabbed both of his parents before the gunshot as heard. As the gangster ran past Bruce and his parents, Bruce secretly gave the gangster money very quickly. It turns out he had hired him to fake a gunshot so the police would think it was the gangster and not Bruce. The gunshot sound was the hired mans ballon behind his back. Let me know if you want some more of this

Story is told by DeadKid25

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