Hello there user this story is about my true story of a crawler man Hope you enjoy. It was the afternoon and I decided to go take a walk a long walk and so I put on whatever I could find because I was lazy anyway I was walking for like 2 hours but I like walking that long it started getting dark so I was heading as usual I had a knife in my pocket for protection so my hands where in my pockets and about 5 minutes later I'm near a long walk of leaves and as I see in front of me a very boney man with long yellow teeth very bright eyes his mouth was wide open he was also on all fours and crawling! I screamed and I pulled my knife it ran away but it was it was crawling and running at same time I ran home almost crying (I was 11 at the time I'm 12) I couldn't go to sleep after that this happend in the month September in December I got Diagnosed with a type of sleeping disorder that why I can't sleep {A year}, later a couple months ago my mom asked where I saw the thing (sry forgot to mention I told my mom about it she didn't believe me) I told her at the wall of leaves at our old house we went back but saw nothing as expected The End this is a real true story believe what you want if you don't think this real ok and if you do thing this is real your right hope you enjoyed:-)

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I don't


I wouldn't go outside again


Hoped you enjoyed:-)