I have always have had troubles sleeping it wasn't till the last 4 years something appeared in my dreams and would not leave. My name is Sara and your about to hear about how lack of sleep almost killed me. THE IMPOSTER I suddenly awoke there was a tall black figure with white eyes that glowed. She staired at me I thought some one broken in so I tried to grab my phone I couldn't. The figure said I am Saitians wife. Then I woke up for real. Every night went like that for five years I started staying up on purpose all night. I started drinking leaters of caffeine. I started skipping work, not meeting with friends. I started slowly going mad. The Death After another year of no sleep something tragic happened my mother passed away. I felt like I accepted it but I fell into depression. For the first time in years I desired sleep I needed sleep. So I lay down and slowly shut my eyes. She's Here I woke up in panic I don't know why i just did. So I got up and got some water that's when I saw her standing. Mam please go away. She picks up a knife she whispered run if you want to live. I started running. I ran and ran and ran. She screamed let me kill you. You dont deserve to live. Get out of my life. That's when I realized it. She was not Satians mistress but my anger. She was my deamon. I created her. That person she was talking about was my dad I always wanted him dead he killed my mom I had evidence. I tried to calm her down. She possed me and killed my dad. He is gone now. Ha ha ha. He is gone ha ha HE IS GONE GONE GONE. HA HA HA. Sara was later diagnosed with Schizophrenia she killed her father for she thought he was her abuser she now remains in an old folks home so she can have 24 hour servalinse and service after all she still killed her father. Before she killed her father a week before her mother died Sara had missed carried. Nurses say if you go by her room late at night you can hear her keep saying. i did not do it she did it she did it i wouldn't hurt anyone. Did she kill her father or was the demon real.

Story is told by Joker