I've always had weird dreams for a long time, and I've never thought about it as anything more than a dream. Until one day, I started having headaches and the dreams started becoming more intense. Finally, I woke up and couldn't see. I was completely blind, then I was finally able to see again, and when I was, I was living a memory that wasn't mind. It's been a few months, and almost everyday I have lived a memory that I didn't have. It's not my imagination. Everytime I live a memory, and I get hurt, the marks I get appear on my body for a little, and for some reason they disappear. The people Ive been with in the memories are nice and strong. I find that I love them, and for some reason, the memories don't come as often as they did. So far it's been a few months and I haven't had a memory. I miss them. The way they looked, the way they smell, the way they felt too. I hope one day I see the memories again, because honestly they're the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Story is told by SG?