I coerce my self to believe that she's still with me she is the only one that was able to get past the perimeter wall that confines my heart.. No other girl has ever got to the point she had scaled to.. The only one who I got infatuated with from the first moment that I laid my eyes on her.. The only one that hit me once and down went the wall that deterred her from getting to my heart.. Where I placed her never had I placed another girl.. I felt like I was in some soap opera as we held hands..as we chatted whilst walking on the bricked side walks of the road.. As we played on the road like lil cheeky kids.. It all happened so abruptly.. Some drunk mother****er sped off the road and next thing I see she was soaring up above hovering above my head.. I thought I could catch her but that's only seen in the movie.. She fell hard on the ground head first with a thud that reverberated in my head spasmodically.. She was gone.. Gone forever.. Or so I thought! Anna.. Anna.. Anaa.. I called while on my knees beside her.. I craved to hear her voice again.. To hear her call my name.. Hear her say I'm with you Lew.. The thought of her being dead crept into my brain.. I've never wanted so bad to be wrong.. People were gathering round.. All I saw were blurry images due to the tears in my eyes.. I lifted her from where she lay.. Her clothes were bloodstained.. Her head oozed profusely.. I held her vehemently.. My cold tears fell on her pretty face.. My heart throbbed viciously.. My eyes were bloodshot.. She was calm, silent than the grave.. I couldn't think properly.. All I could see all i could hear.. was her.. Her smile so vivid before me.. I walked though oblivious of where I was going.. We received empty stares from people on the road and side walks alike..

Story is told by Panic_lew