Are you a fan of the game series called Kingdom Hearts? If so, then this story might be very shocking to you. I know of many of you won't believe it, but please listen. This was something that really to me, and I don't want you to experience it too. If you're playing the game for the first time, I suggest reading this before you do. With all that said, on to the story. I used to be big kingdom hearts fan, I would play most of it in my spare time. I've played all the videos games and knew all the characters in the series. When Square Enix announced Kingdom hearts 3, I was super excited and couldn't wait! And finally after waiting 5 years, it was finally out! I went to buy it immediately from the game store. I got home and placed on the PS 4. I had to admit the graphics were pretty good this time around. The opening was probably one of the best openings in the series...but something was little off. In the beginning, the main protagonist Sora was supposed to say the lines of "They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you lose from all you know. But if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home." However, instead he just said "Turn back now..." I was a teensy freaked out about that, but I soon shrugged it off and assumed it was just something that was accidentally put in there. TBC

Story is told by Sally.67u